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Boise rehearsal space providing support and resources for musician's health and well-being

Nonprofit Musicians Resource Center

Live Out Loud at Boise Hive!

The mission of Boise Hive is to provide a safe, all-ages, sober space for fostering a supportive, creative musician’s community in Idaho. Boise Hive empowers musicians, through access to mental health services, affordable rehearsal spaces, business tools and other resources.

This donor funded, volunteer run community space aims to provide a facility where artists come to practice and hone their craft.


Please contact us to volunteer, donate, comment or help in any way. Be a part of building our community’s musicians resource center!

Thank you to everyone who has contributed so far! YOU are the Boise Hive!

We empower musicians and artists to thrive through access to affordable rehearsal space, business development tools, and health & wellness resources. 

Core Services

  • Affordable & soundproofed rehearsal/practice space.
  • Gear rental & affordable demo recording.
  • Education, training and other support for development.
  • Access to resources for health and wellness.